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While many motor vehicle accidents do not result in serious injuries, others can be catastrophic for the drivers and their passengers. In Florida alone, there are around 400,000 automobile crashes per year. Almost half of those result in injuries, and many result in death or leave drivers and passengers permanently injured. When this happens, it can be devastating physically, emotionally, and financially for the victims and their families. And with medical bills, vehicle repairs, insurance claims, new lifestyle needs, and more, the suffering doesn’t end after the crash is over.

If you have been permanently injured in a motor vehicle accident in Miami, South Florida, or elsewhere in Florida, you need an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney who can fight for you to get you the money you deserve.

Why? Because in a motor vehicle accident lawsuit, insurance companies will try anything to minimize your compensation. That’s why you deserve the best representation—representation that has decades of experience fighting against insurance companies and the resources you need to get you the justice you deserve. From reckless driving, drunk drivers, motorcycle accidents, boating accidents, accidents involving Lyft and Uber, and any other motor vehicle accident lawsuit you can think of, the attorneys at Mase Seitz Briggs have seen it all—and won.

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Understanding Insurance Companies

After a motor vehicle accident, it’s very common for insurance carriers to either deny your initial insurance claim, offer you a lump sum of money that is less than the value of your total losses, or contact you after your accident to use certain things against you. This is not a surprise. Part of an insurance carrier’s business model is to pay out as little money as possible. 

When you get in an accident, it’s important to consult with an experienced motor vehicle accident lawyer before speaking with an insurance company, even your own. Your insurance company knows the ins and outs of your policy and may try to deny your claim.

Often, those involved in an accident may agree to sign an insurance release agreement without fully understanding what they are signing. Sometimes there are clauses in release agreements that are difficult to understand without professional legal help. For example, some releases may require individuals to give a written statement or undergo a medical examination by a doctor of the insurance company’s choosing. It is only later when people learn that certain things in the release are not in their best interest. At that point, it is too late, and they are unable to receive the compensation they truly deserve.  

If you’ve been in an accident, don’t speak with an insurance company without first consulting the team at Mase Seitz Briggs. We will be able to determine whether it is in your best interest to deal with the insurance company directly or through legal counsel.

Insurance “Bad Faith” Claims

The trial lawyers at Mase Seitz Briggs in Miami know how to hold insurance companies accountable when they mishandle or deny your claim. You may have a separate claim against an insurance company if it acts in “bad faith,” meaning the insurer does not honor the insurance policy or denies your claim for an improper purpose. 

Bad faith can happen any time an insurance company is involved, including in motor vehicle accident cases, hurricane damage, fire loss and damage, life insurance, and theft. Both your own insurance company and the insurance company of the at-fault driver can deal in bad faith.

The insurance company might be acting in bad faith if it:

  • Denies your insurance claim for an invalid reason.
  • Delays the resolution of your insurance claim.
  • Uses biased medical examiners, inspectors, or other investigators to reach a decision that benefits the insurance company.
  • Honors only a portion of the claim that you are entitled to.
  • Makes an unreasonable settlement offer.

If you feel like you have been wronged by an insurance company in your car accident case or otherwise, Mase Seitz Briggs will investigate your claim and make sure that you are fully compensated. Once an insurance company sees that skilled trial lawyers are involved, it will usually fully and fairly compensate you to avoid any exposure for bad faith.

If the insurance company does not settle and we prove it acted in bad faith, you are entitled to all of your damages caused by their conduct. These can even include damages that far exceed the policy limits or punitive damages, which are meant to punish the insurance company for their misconduct.

Successful Case Result

Our personal injury lawyers are well-versed in both motor vehicle accident law and Florida’s bad faith law and can get you the compensation the insurance company improperly tries to keep from you.  Recently, we successfully represented a woman in Broward County, Florida whose insurance company denied her uninsured motorist claim. 

We took her insurance company to trial, and a jury found that she was permanently injured in the crash and that her injuries were caused by the uninsured driver. Her insurance company should have initially covered the claim but refused to do so. Our client’s insurance company settled after trial for more than seven (7) times her policy limits because of their potential bad faith exposure.

Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident in Miami?

If you’ve been seriously injured in an accident in Florida or tragically lost a loved one, our attorneys can help you through every step of your motor vehicle accident lawsuit or wrongful death case. Our seasoned motor vehicle accident lawyers have the experience needed to settle or litigate your case, no matter how complex it is, so you get the compensation you’ll need to live your life comfortably after your motor vehicle accident injury. And since we only get paid if you get paid, you can rest assured knowing we’ll do everything we can to ensure you come out on top.

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries: What You Need to Know

Were you badly injured in an automobile accident in Miami, South Florida, or elsewhere in Florida? You may be dealing with severe pain and overwhelming medical bills. Each year, about 6 million people are involved in a car accident across the United States. Of those, 3 million result in serious injuries. No one wants to find themselves in that situation, but if you do, we are here to help you file your motor vehicle accident lawsuit. 

The motor vehicle accident lawyers at Mase Seitz Briggs in Miami, Florida, pursue every available claim to maximize results in motor vehicle accident cases. Unlike many law firms, we do not avoid going to trial. If we do not get the settlement offer you deserve, we will not hesitate to bring your motor vehicle accident lawsuit in front of a jury. We are passionate advocates who are aggressive in the courtroom. Why? Because we care for our clients.        

When motor vehicle accidents occur, the results can be fatal—especially in Florida. But just how many people die in motor vehicle accidents each year? With more than 3,700 motor vehicle accident deaths in 2021, Florida’s rate of fatal automobile accidents is among the highest in the country. As a driver, it’s important to understand the risks associated with driving in Miami, South Florida, and throughout the state, as well as what your options are if you need to file a motor vehicle accident lawsuit.

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