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South Florida Public Transit Accidents

Public transportation offers many benefits. Individuals who use public transportation rightfully trust that the transportation methods will be properly maintained, inspected, and operated.

When an accident occurs on public transportation because of a company’s negligence, passengers have the right to file a public transportation lawsuit. Whether the public transportation lawsuit is pursued against a private transit company or a government agency in Miami, South Florida, or elsewhere in Florida, our public transportation attorneys have the experience to assist victims of mass transit accidents. A public transportation accident may include:

Bus Accidents

Bus accidents can involve severe injuries, for both the bus passengers and other motorists or pedestrians involved. They often result in bus crash settlements.

Taxi Accidents

Taxi accidents can involve confusing liability and insurance issues.

Aircraft Accidents

Accidents on a helicopter or airplane can be complex. They may involve design defects, negligent operation, or negligent maintenance. Injuries may also be severe or fatal. Families of people killed in aircraft accidents may need to pursue a wrongful death claim. Our attorneys will make sure you understand what your legal rights are and are fully compensated for all of your damages.

Watercraft Accidents

Florida is surrounded by water. This attracts tourists from all over the world who enjoy going on watercraft adventures and boating day trips. If you were injured while on a ferry, boat tour, water taxi, or other public watercraft in Miami, South Florida, or elsewhere in Florida, you will need an experienced maritime attorney on your side.

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