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Passenger Claims

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Passenger Claims

Representing Ship Owners & Cruise Line Operators in Passenger Claims

Maritime law imposes a duty of care owed by shipowners to their passengers, even though a shipowner is not an insurer of its passengers’ safety. For activities similar to those on land, the duty owed is similar to the duty of reasonable care owed by land-based businesses to its customers. However, maritime law generally imposes a heightened duty of care for activities that are uniquely nautical.

The line dividing nautical and land activities is a blurry one, resulting in complex nuance for passenger claims. The line grows even blurrier between shoreside and shipboard injuries. For instance, whether a shipowner has a duty to warn passengers of a known shoreside risk is hotly litigated and turns on the facts of the case and the attorney’s knowledge of the law. Another example lies in a shipowner’s heightened duty to provide safe ingress or egress for passengers, as opposed to acting reasonably.

Mase Seitz Briggs: Trusted Maritime Advocates

Our attorneys have a deep understanding of maritime law based on a quarter century of experience in the field. Maritime law is an ever-evolving combination of federal statutes, state statutes, and judicial interpretation. While early passenger claims were limited to negligence, maritime law has evolved to include a plethora of non-negligence claims. Mase Seitz Briggs witnessed this evolution from within the courtroom, so we understand how the law has changed over time better than anyone else.

Between successfully staving off passenger class actions, defending against medical negligence claims, or limiting the duty owed to passengers for intentional torts, Mase Seitz Briggs possesses the depth and diversity of experience to protect your rights as a shipowner.

Passenger Claims We Handle

We handle the following passenger claim cases on behalf of ship owners and cruise line operators:


If a passenger suffers injury while aboard a vessel, or loses a loved one in an accident, they might file a negligence claim against the ship owner and/or operator. We understand all the legal nuances related to negligence and liability in maritime cases and are prepared to represent you if these types of claims arise.

Premises Liability

Whether you operate a cruise ship, ferry, or other vessel, our attorneys are well-versed in the laws surrounding premises liability. We can help you defend against claims of unsafe conditions or inadequate security on your vessel.

Shipboard Accidents

If a passenger has filed an injury claim after a shipboard accident such as a slip or fall, our attorneys are ready to help represent you. Whether the accident was big or small, we know how to handle the case effectively.

Shoreside Accidents & Excursions

Most cruise ships offer independent or ship-sponsored shore excursions for their passengers. When someone is hurt while visiting a local attraction, the injured party generally seeks to sue the company with the deepest pockets regardless of who is legally responsible for the accident.

Vicarious Liability

As a boat operator, you may be held liable for the actions of your employees. Our attorneys have extensive experience in defending against claims of vicarious liability and can help you limit your exposure to these types of claims.

Our maritime lawyers have decades of experience representing the cruise industry against allegations of physical and/or sexual assaults. We will conduct a thorough investigation from the outset to determine potential exposure and liability.

Negligent Medical Care

If a passenger on your vessel suffers an injury or illness due to alleged negligent care provided by the ship's medical staff, our attorneys can help defend you against these claims. We understand the unique laws and regulations that govern medical care on vessels and will help you achieve a successful outcome.

Alcohol Overservice

A large portion of vacationers take advantage of cruise ships “all-you-can-drink” offers. Alcohol can play a huge role in accidental injuries and death. Our legal team is well-versed in defending against and winning alcohol-related lawsuits.

Class Actions

If passengers are involved in a class action lawsuit against you, we can help you navigate the legal system to protect you and your company.

Premier Representation for all Maritime Matters

In addition to Passenger claims, Mase Seitz Briggs handles the following maritime legal matters and more. Let our experience guide you.

  • Ticket Contracts
  • Collision & Allisions
  • Vessel Arrest
  • Salvage
  • Environmental Discharge
  • Mass Casualty Investigations
  • Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation
  • Charters
  • Charterparty
  • Mass Casualty Investigations
  • Collective Bargaining Agreements

Get the Legal Help You Need

Our attorneys are recognized for their leading work in maritime law and can provide you the superior representation you need to resolve legal matters arising from passenger claims. Contact Mase Seitz Briggs today at (844) 627-3529 to speak with a highly-qualified maritime lawyer.

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