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Intoxicated College Student Hit By Car, Underage

Blue Martini failed to properly check his identification and verify his age, and served him copious amounts of alcohol. After leaving the bar and while walking back to his dorm intoxicated, he was hit by a car while attempting to cross a street in the wee hours of the morning, suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Class Action Settlement For Postal Workers

The Southwest Florida Area Local-American  Post Workers’ Union in Fort Meyers, Florida was not given work they were promised and was owed back-pay. The United States Postal Service refused to pay and we brought a suit on behalf of the union.

Intoxicated College Student Hit By Car, Underage

A 20-year old man was permitted to consume several beers at his employer’s holiday party in Key West, Florida. Afterward, while riding his motorcycle home, he spun out, hit a concrete pole and sustained serious injuries which left him unable to walk.

Airline Passenger Suffers Heart Attack

Our client suffered a heart attack while on a commercial airplane flying overseas. He needed oxygen but the oxygen bottles on the plane were empty. Rather than deviating and landing so he could receive necessary medical care, the plane stayed on its course, landing hours later. Our client survived, but sustained serious irreversible damage to his heart.

Rollover Wrongful Death

A woman traveling in a vehicle in Naples, Florida was killed when the driver lost control of the car and it repeatedly rolled over. The accident was caused by an unsafe design of the vehicle and the manufacturer confidentially agreed to a seven-figure settlement.

Jet Ski Accident

A 14-year old girl was visiting Florida to play in a softball tournament. The softball team had a BBQ at a house in Lake Osbourne and the owner of the home allowed the team to use his jet ski. When coming back to the dock, our client accelerated too quickly, lost control and slammed into a dock piling, fracturing her jaw and sustaining facial injuries.

Maritime Wrongful Death

Two clients experienced the loss of their college-aged daughter after a boat propeller struck her head and neck. The vessel, a pontoon boat, was leased from a Florida livery and operated by the victim’s friends. The parties being represented recently reached a confidential multi-million dollar settlement.

Surgeon's Medical Practice

A surgeon’s failure to properly position a patient during anesthesia resulted in his developing bi-lateral ulnar neuropathy – a condition in which there is a loss of sensation and strength in both forearms. We sued the surgeon and related entities for medical malpractice who agreed to a substantial confidential settlement.

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