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Ban Cell Phones at School

Kudos to the Los Angeles Board of Education which yesterday voted to ban cell phone use by children at school.  Articles reporting on their courageous decision noted that they faced pushback from parents and enforcement is expected to be challenging ...

Recognizing the Signs of Domestic Violence

Red Flags of an Abusive Relationship Many people assume that abuse only takes one form. They believe that it manifests in bruises or broken bones and that little can be done prior to a serious injury. The truth is that domestic violence encompasses a ...

P. Diddy Trial Updates

After almost two months since entertainment tycoon Sean “P Diddy” Combs’ two mansions were raided by federal and local law enforcement, hardly any new details have been released. ...

Increase in Sexual Assault Cases on College Campuses Raises Alarms

The alarming rise in sexual assault cases on college campuses is a pressing issue that demands immediate attention. ...

How to File a Claim for Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse in Florida

For decades, allegations of childhood sexual abuse went undisclosed by the Boy Scouts of America. ...

Understanding the Legal Ramifications of the Little Hickory Bay Boating Accident

With boating season in full swing, it is not all that surprising that we are seeing a huge increase in boating accident injuries and even fatalities. ...

Florida Department of Education Fights Back Against Gender Identity Inclusion in Title IX Update

Learn more about the update to Title IX and what it means for Florida students and school systems. Fight back against gender discrimination with Mase Seitz Briggs Law Firm. ...

Florida's Romeo & Juliet Law

Do you suspect that your teen has engaged in sexual activity with someone older? Learn more about Florida's Romeo & Juliet Law and how it could affect your case with Mase Seitz Briggs. ...

Understanding Statute of Limitations in Florida Sex Abuse Cases

Sexual assaults have become a tragic epidemic across our country, and these cases must be handled with the utmost care, especially when children are involved. ...

Can I Sue for Falling Overboard?

Understanding Your Rights If You Fell Overboard on a Boat One minute you are enjoying the soft motion of the waves while peering out into the deep, blue sea, the next you are struggling to stay afloat. Falls overboard happen frequently, but you can o ...

Spring Break Safety Tips For Avoiding Boating Accidents in Miami

New Miami Spring Break Restrictions Miami is one of the most popular spring break destinations in the country. Pristine beaches and near-perfect weather have co-eds flocking to the area for a week of fun and relaxation. Water sports such as recreatio ...

P Diddy Sex Trafficking/Sexual Assault Allegations Revealed: The Truth Will Always Come Out

The recent news reports of alleged sex trafficking, sexual abuse, and assaults by Sean Combs, aka P Diddy, a powerful man in the music and entertainment industry, are shocking to many, but not to us.  We have successfully brought claims against high ...

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