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Miami Boating Accident Sinks Boat and Sends Two to Hospital

Boat Almost Fully Submerged Near Matheson Hammock Marina Earlier this month, a boat near Biscayne Bay flipped, injuring two people. The accident, which initially occurred on Friday, September 8, 2023, happened close to the Matheson Hammock Marina.&nb ...

MLS Player Anton Walkes Tragically Killed in Jet Ski Accident

Beloved Teammate and Father Remembered by Soccer Clubs Across U.S. 25-year-old Major League Soccer player Anton Walkes was tragically killed earlier this year when the jet ski he was riding on was struck by a boat, according to multiple reports. The ...

Dangers of Speedboats

Staying Safe on the Water While Boating Speedboats are one of the most popular types of recreational vessels on Florida waterways. High-octane power boats can go 70 mph or more, creating a thrilling ride for all passengers. Unfortunately, speed boati ...

How Does Florida Dram Shop Law Compare to Other States?

What You Need to Know About Liquor Laws and Third-Party Liability Recognizing that a bar or restaurant that overserves a patron should be held accountable if that patron harms another person due to their intoxication, several states have implemented ...

Water Tubing Accidents: What You Need to Know

Tubing Accident-Related Injuries and Liability in Florida Water tubing is a favorite activity for tourists and residents of South Florida. The thrill of being pulled at high speeds behind a boat as you bounce freely through the water is fun and excit ...

Tragic Fishing Boat Accident in Bradenton, FL, Kills Teenager

FWC Confirms Boat Collided with a Jet Ski in Manatee County Waters One brother was killed, and another was in critical condition after a fatal boating accident in Bradenton, Florida. The crash occurred on Saturday, July 15th, in Manatee County. Accor ...

Understanding Florida’s Life Jacket Laws

Why Wearing a Life Jacket Is Critical When Boating Studies show that wearing a life jacket is absolutely critical for survival if you are involved in a boating accident. As reported by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, drowning i ...

What Does Boater’s Insurance Cover in Florida?

What Every Boater Should Know About Insurance Requirements in the State One of the most surprising things for most boat owners is that Florida law does not require boat insurance. However, just because the state doesn’t require it doesn’t mean th ...

Dangers of Exceeding a Boat’s Capacity Limit

How Overloading Your Vessel Can Prove Deadly When taking your boat out for a fun day on the water, you may feel pressure to exceed the maximum capacity or weight limitations of your vessel. Overloading your vessel, however, can be dangerous and may e ...

Florida Sees Fewer Boating Accidents, but More Deaths

Fatal Boating Accidents Increased Last Year in the Sunshine State Florida regularly leads the nation in boating accidents; however, the total number of crashes decreased slightly last year. Unfortunately, while the overall number of accidents was low ...

What Is Florida’s Financial Responsibility Law?

Car Insurance Requirements in the Sunshine State Florida requires all motorists to provide proof of financial responsibility when driving in the state. Drivers must carry both Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Property Damage Liability (PDL). Fail ...

What Is “Willful and Wanton” Conduct?

Your Rights When a Defendant Exhibits a Reckless Disregard for the Safety of Others Historically, Florida courts have struggled with how to define willful and wanton conduct. It is often described as somewhere in between ordinary negligence and a del ...

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