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Two Tourists Beaten at Miami Bus Stop

August 04, 2021
Injury in the News

With Soaring Crime Rates, Miami Tourists Should Be on High Alert

Millions of tourists flock to Miami Beach each year. Unfortunately, a recent rise in violent crimes has left dozens of people seriously injured despite a curfew and the closure of several main causeways during spring break. The problem persists, however, making it dangerous for both tourists and residents.

Miami tourists are particularly susceptible to harm when visiting an unfamiliar area. At Mase Mebane Seitz, we represent individuals who have been seriously injured or who have lost a loved one due to another person’s negligence or wrongdoing

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Two New Hampshire Tourists Attacked in Miami

As reported by WSVN, two people visiting Miami from New Hampshire were violently attacked while at a Miami Beach bus stop.

While walking by a bus stop in front of the Sherbrooke Hotel on Collins Ave. and 9th St. around 7:00 PM, the couple were suddenly attacked by a man who had been sitting on a bench at the bus stop. The attacker began punching them in the face several times, which was recorded on video surveillance footage.

The victims say they were not robbed, and that the attack was completely unprovoked. They were taken to Mount Sinai Medical Center and suffered minor injuries. Miami Beach Police were able to identify and arrest a suspect, Michael Albert, 36, in connection with the beating.

Rising Crime in Miami Beach

Miami Beach has seen a number of violent crimes, especially during the recent spring break. The owner of the nearby Sherbrooke Hotel told WSVN that he had shut his doors as a result of the crime.

“I have been closed since April and refuse to reopen. This area has now become a crime zone,” says Mitch Novick, owner of the Sherbrooke Hotel.

He isn’t alone. According to CBS Miami, other business owners in the area have announced that they would temporarily close during spring break, including the Clevelander South Beach.

Duty of Business Owners

Under Florida law, business and property owners are required to provide a safe location to their customers, visitors, or guests. Generally, there is no duty to protect against crimes committed by a third person. However, businesses do have a duty to protect against foreseeable criminal acts. These include acts that the owner could have taken reasonable measures to prevent. Often installing lighting or hiring security personal is enough to discharge that duty. If you are the victim of a crime and believe that a business did not take reasonable measures to prevent such crimes, the business may be liable for your damages.

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