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5 Safety Risks of Pontoon Boating

March 28, 2022
Safety Guide

Pontoon boats are one of the most recognizable recreational vessels on the water. They are extremely popular among owners and renters because they are easy to use and have ample deck space. Unfortunately, these trendy boats can be dangerous in the wrong hands or in inclement weather. 

If you are injured in a pontoon boat accident, you might be entitled to compensation. At Mase Mebane Seitz, we provide dedicated representation for individuals who have been injured or lost a loved one in maritime accidents. Contact our office at (844) 627-3529 to discuss your claim directly with an experienced attorney. All consultations are free and without obligation to retain our services.

Pontoon Boat Accidents

The majority of boating accidents are caused by negligence, such as operator inattention or inexperience. Pontoon boat accidents are no exception. 

Because they are easy to tow and somewhat easy to manage, pontoon boats are preferred by many novice boaters. Without proper training, these party vessels can become hazardous to passengers, swimmers, and other boaters.

Consider these five safety risks of pontoon boating:

1. Made for Calm Waters

Pontoon boats are ideal for navigating calm waters like lakes, rivers, and protected inlets. These large, buoyant boats are not made for rough seas. Heavy chop and large waves can easily cause a pontoon boat to capsize.

If you plan to take your pontoon boat out on the ocean, be sure to check the weather forecast and stay vigilant on the water. Any signs of adverse weather should be taken seriously. Pontoon boats may also have trouble navigating large wakes left by other boats.

2. They Are Highly Buoyant

While their high buoyancy makes them easy to tow, it also makes them easy to flip. Pontoon boats are easily affected by wind. High winds can quickly cause problems for inexperienced boat operators.

3. May Require Instruction to Operate

Most people assume that pontoon boats are some of the easiest vessels to operate, but any boat can become dangerous in the right conditions. In order to operate a boat safely, a person should have safety instructions. 

Pontoon boats are deceiving; they are difficult to turn and are notoriously hard to dock. They are also heavier than most people expect. If you plan on renting or buying a pontoon boat, you should take a boat safety course and receive proper training from the rental company. If you are involved in a boating accident due to an operator’s lack of training, you might be entitled to compensation. 

4. They Are Spacious

Arguably, the number one reason most people opt for a pontoon boat is the deck space. Pontoon boats can hold more people than other recreational vessels of the same size. Unfortunately, this means that they can become overloaded quickly. The extra weight can throw off the boat’s balance and lead to serious problems. 

5. Prone to Parties

Their large size helps make pontoon boats the vessel of choice for party-goers. Operating under the influence is not only illegal; it can prove deadly. Boating while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol puts everyone on the water at risk. A person injured due to an impaired operator can seek damages through a personal injury lawsuit

Injured in a Pontoon Boat Accident? Contact Mase Mebane Seitz Today.

Were you or a loved one injured in a pontoon boat accident in Miami? Contact our office at (844) 627-3529 for a free, no-obligation consultation. Our experienced trial lawyers can discuss your legal options, including whether you have a valid claim for damages against a liable party. Call now to get started.

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