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What Happened to Cassidy Murray in Aruba Boat Accident?

May 05, 2023
Boat Accident

13-Year-Old’s Death Serves as Stark Reminder of Dangers on the Water

Last year, Cassidy Murray, a Massachusetts seventh-grader died in a tragic boating accident while on vacation with her family. According to multiple outlets, the 13-year-old girl was struck by a vessel shortly after being ejected from the tube she was riding in. The incident happened in March 2022, making this the one-year anniversary.

People Magazine reported on the boating accident which happened in Aruba on the last day of the family vacation. Murray was a student at Buckingham Browne & Nichols School in Cambridge. A GoFundMe page started on behalf of the family raised nearly $100,000.

What Caused the Fatal Boating Accident?

The parents of Cassidy Murray are trying to educate travelers about the dangers on the water. As recently reported by People, the young girl was thrown from a tube ride conducted by Fun 4 Every 1 Watersports Aruba. The ejection occurred approximately five minutes after the ride started. The water was rough due to a large amount of boat traffic. Despite being tossed into the water, Cassidy was safe according to her father. 

He noted in a sit-down interview with ABC News that it wasn’t until the captain of the boat lost control of the vessel that the young girl was in danger. Cassidy’s dad noted it took him “at least 30 seconds to get (the captain’s) attention.” He had to whistle and shout at the boat operator. But he explains that he waved at Cassidy who seemed fine and was wearing a life jacket. 

He says that the driver “lost control of the boat,” pulling it in “full-throttle” as he approached the teen. The boat struck the seventh grader causing severe injury. The boat did not have a proper lookout, as told to ABC News. A spotter was not there to caution about any dangers or potential harm to passengers. 

How Cassidy’s Family Is Helping Others

Cassidy’s family is now on a mission to help others. They are hoping to bring awareness to the dangers that exist while boating. The family urges tourists to ask the right questions and check to make sure that proper safety precautions are being taken before going on excursions. 

What You Can Do to Prevent Tragedy

You should always be familiar with the adventure company you are using. Research their safety records, read reviews, and ask questions. The company you use should be fully licensed and insured with a clean safety record. 

If they are unable to provide you with a safety record, that should be cause for concern. Double-check to ensure that the company is providing a lookout on the boat. Failing to have a spotter can cause serious harm. 

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