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What Does Boater’s Insurance Cover in Florida?

August 08, 2023
Boat Accident

What Every Boater Should Know About Insurance Requirements in the State

One of the most surprising things for most boat owners is that Florida law does not require boat insurance. However, just because the state doesn’t require it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest in coverage. Not having insurance coverage could leave you open to liability in the event of an accident. Plus, if you financed the vessel, your lender may mandate that it be insured by a company licensed in the state. 

What Type of Boater’s Insurance is Required?

Florida does not require boater’s insurance in order to own a vessel. However, a lender may be unwilling to finance a vessel if it is not properly insured. It is important to discuss all lending requirements before purchasing a boat. You may also be required to purchase boat insurance if you dock your boat at a marina.

Do I Need Boater’s Insurance in Florida?

While boater’s insurance is not required by Florida law, it is strongly recommended. If you are found responsible for a boating accident and do not have adequate insurance, you could be held personally liable. This means you could face a lawsuit and be ordered to pay tens of thousands of dollars. Boat insurance will also help ensure that your vessel can be fixed in the event that it is damaged.

Does My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover My Boat?

As explained by ValuePenguin, many homeowner insurance policies provide limited coverage for vessels and personal watercraft. Generally, a homeowner’s policy will provide around $1000 in coverage if your boat is damaged. 

However, the insurance coverage may not apply in every circumstance. The policy may also provide limited coverage if you cause injury to another person or lose personal property in an accident. It is strongly recommended that boat owners do not solely rely on their homeowner insurance policy for coverage.

Types of Boater’s Insurance in Florida

There are several types of coverage available to boat owners in Florida. To determine what kind of coverage you need, you should speak with an insurance agent. 

Boater’s insurance may provide coverage for:

  • Liability coverage - Liability coverage can be purchased to pay for damage that is done to someone else’s property.
  • Medical coverage - Medical or bodily injury coverage will provide cover for another person’s medical bills in the event that they are injured in a boating accident that you caused.
  • Collision and comprehensive coverage - Collision covers your boat in the event it is damaged in an accident, while comprehensive provides coverage if it is damaged by another type of incident that was out of your control.

You may also opt to purchase coverages such as uninsured boat coverage, which protects you in the event your vessel is damaged by an uninsured boater, or towing and trailer coverage. It is also noted that insurance policies should cover things like fuel spills and wreckage removal. 

An insurer will look at things like the value of the boat, how it is stored, and how your boat is used to provide you with a quote for coverage.

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