About Us

Our Team Fights For You

Many lawyers claim to be trial lawyers but never try cases. The attorneys at Mase Seitz Briggs in Miami are trial lawyers first. We are not afraid to step into the courtroom and fight to protect the rights of people seriously injured due to the negligence or wrongful acts of others. In fact, our lawyers try more cases in Miami, South Florida, and across the state each year than many lawyers will try in their entire career. Defendants and their insurers know it, and they know that we will not hesitate to put them on trial. We know, because we do it all the time.

For more than 3 decades, we have been helping people like you get justice.

In South Florida, boating and water-related accidents are common. For more than 3 decades, we have been helping people like you who are injured on the water get justice. Our experience in maritime personal injury law is unmatched. We help people get justice in all kinds of personal injury cases including automobile and boating accidents, slip-and-falls, sexual assaults, and liquor liability

After years of defending Corporate America, we decided to focus our time, talent, and energy on helping people. Today, we are dedicated to helping the seriously injured and mistreated. All our lawyers have a passion for helping the people of Miami, South Florida, and beyond. Our goal is to represent every client as if they were our only client, because helping you is all that matters to us. 

We know how the other side thinks. The experienced attorneys in our Miami office started their careers representing corporations and businesses and defending lawsuits against them, so we understand their thought process, legal defenses, and tactics. Most importantly, we know how to beat them. They know this, and that makes them settle for top dollar.

The attorneys at Mase Seitz Briggs in Miami are experienced trial lawyers who will take on whoever may have harmed you, no matter how big they may be. With years of experience to call on, we have the resources and knowledge to get your case favorably settled or take it to trial. If you’ve been injured and need justice, we can help you.