Coronavirus Claims

The novel Coronavirus and COVID-19 will push the legal industry into a new era.

The law is designed to be flexible, however, so that it can be applied to new, unforeseen circumstances. People and businesses are always required to act reasonably under the circumstances.


“Reasonable” is defined by cases that have been previously argued. Because COVID-19 is unprecedented, the law is currently a blank slate. It is up to lawyers, such as those at Mase Mebane, to argue for people like you to shape COVID-19 law into what it should be.

If you contracted the virus due to someone’s negligence, or if your symptoms were exacerbated because of someone’s actions, then you may have a claim.

This will depend on whether safety protocols were followed, whether the company or person who caused you to contract the virus had knowledge of the risk of spreading it, and many other variables. Each potential lawsuit will depend on the circumstances involved and will need to be analyzed by a lawyer, but we know specific industries will be under fire for how they handled the novel Coronavirus.