Pop Star’s Claims Baseless, Defense Verdict for Richard Lara & Bill Seitz

A Miami-Dade County jury resoundingly rejected a civil lawsuit brought by a Latin pop singer against her former boyfriend and her former record label manager vindicating them after two years of defending against her baseless claims. The Plaintiff concocted an elaborate and sordid story that her boyfriend (an executive vice president of programming at the largest Spanish media company in the United States), sexually assaulted her numerous times over the course of their relationship and ultimately forced her to sign recording and management contracts with a shell company to hide his true interests in her career. The jury heard closing arguments from Mase Lara attorney Richard Lara that Plaintiff’s allegations were nothing more than a transparent attempt to extort the Defendants in the hopes of avoiding her obligations to her record company so that she could ultimately sign with a bigger label. After being presented with all the evidence and hearing closing arguments from both sides, the jury found all of Plaintiff’s claims baseless and entered a verdict against her on all her claims.

The pair began dating in late 2013 after meeting at the private school where the Plaintiff also taught music, moving in together a short time later. She was a complete unknown at that time, but dreamt of becoming a Latin pop star and sought her boyfriend’s influence to achieve her goal. Her boyfriend referred the singer to his friend (and eventual manager) when no other record labels would sign her. Through these efforts, Plaintiff’s first single went to number one on the Billboard Latin airplay charts for three weeks in early 2014. When a larger record label began talks to sign the new found pop star and steal her away from her current recording company, her relationship conveniently soured.

In April 2014, Plaintiff ended the relationship with her boyfriend, moved out of his home, and ignored requests from her manager and recording company to continue recording the remainder of her first album. In response to a June 3, 2014 demand letter from the recording company for her to perform, Plaintiff began her coordinated extortion campaign against her now ex-boyfriend. The pop star filed a petition for a domestic violence injunction less than a week later (although he had not contacted her in nearly six weeks), alleging that he raped, sodomized, sexually assaulted her eight months earlier, and threatened her with guns. Plaintiff even alleged that he sexually assaulted her prior to her decision to move in to his home. The pop star first reported these salacious allegations to the police two days later and only when pressed by her ex-boyfriend’s criminal attorneys for a police report. The Plaintiff and her civil attorneys parroted the abuse allegations to numerous media outlets, including TMZ, to inflict as much pain on her ex-boyfriend as possible to force a quick settlement.

The Plaintiff then filed a civil lawsuit in Miami against the same parties claiming that she was fraudulently induced to sign with the recording company, that the recording company breached its contracts with her, and that her ex-boyfriend and her manager breached their fiduciary duties to her. In an August 9, 2014 Billboard magazine article, the pop star’s civil attorneys said, “I would not want to be [the defendants] when the jury goes into their room, I think a Dade County jury will see that [the Plaintiff] is a sweet innocent who was taken advantage of and oppressed.” Their predictions could not have been more wrong.

The evidence presented at trial depicted the pop star as a vengeful manipulator, not a sweet innocent. Plaintiff sent countless sexually explicit text messages, “sexts,” and nude photographs to her boyfriend during the entire period in which she claims to have been abused and controlled. Ironically, the pop star texted her boyfriend in February 2014 “I’ve been trying to rape u” the very same month she claims to have been the victim of a sexual assault. The Plaintiff also left her boyfriend detailed love letters months after she claims that he sexually assaulted her. The timing of the pop star’s abuse allegations was also damning to her credibility. She waited over eight months to report her claims of rape, but only after receiving a demand letter from her management company that she was in breach of their agreements days earlier. In the end, the jury saw through her lies and returned a defense verdict on all her claims. Mase Lara, P.A. represented the defendants throughout the civil litigation and during the nearly three-week jury trial. The team was spearheaded by Richard Lara and Bill Seitz.

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