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Attorneys have the simple duty to uphold the law. However, for some, this is not such a simple task. Recently, an attorney in Washington, D.C. was arrested whilst allegedly attempting to sell the sealed details of a whistleblower lawsuit to an employee of the company at the center of the lawsuit. The attorney at issue was allegedly dressed in a disguise, inclusive of a wig, and the “employee” was actually a federal agent. While the facts of this case resemble an episode of The Americans, it is a reminder that honesty and integrity are values that every attorney should inherently value. This attorney’s alleged conduct unfortunately sheds a negative light on a profession built on the maintenance and preservation of a client’s secrets. This case also appears to cast a deeper shadow over bitcoin, the cryptocurrency in which this attorney purportedly sought payment for the information. While supporters of bitcoin argue that the method of payment is not meant to facilitate payment for criminal activity, news like this doesn’t help.


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